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General Information

Complexity and amounts of characters will raise the price. An extra charge will be placed for complex backgrounds, armors and complex objects. Simple colored backgrounds are free of charge.

Working times: Friday-Sunday

I am a full time college student and studies are my main priority, therefore, I only use my free time to work on art. I will always communicate with the commissioner about the status of their piece and if any delay happens.


Completion of this form is not mandatory but use it as a guide about what kind of information I am looking for at the time of placing your order:

  • Paypal Email:

  • Username/Sites:

  • Commission Type: [full colored headshot, Colored sketch bust, etc]

  • Character Reference(s): [pictures, descriptions]

  • Commission Details: [Any specific idea, details about a character, background, etc]

Will do

  • Human and Humanoids

  • Anthros and Ferals (any species)

  • Any body type, race, and/or ethnicity

  • Various art styles such as realism, semi-realism, toon or fandom styles.

  • Artistic nudity (Must be 18+ to order)

  • Monsters/Creatures, Mutants, Cryptids, Hybrids

  • Fantasy themes

  • Science themes

  • Horror

Might do

  • Pin ups

  • Cyborgs/Prosthetics

  • Vehicles, mecha, and machinery

  • Gore, body horror and violence

  • Open/Closed Species

Won't do

  • Porn

  • Hatefull themes

  • Extreme Violence/Gore

  • Pedophilia/"Shota"/"Loli" or Incest.

  • Fetishized Feral/Zoophilia/Bestiality..

Type A | Busts

Start at $30

Sketchy lines, simple shading.
Single color or gradient backgroud is free of charge.

Type B | Chibis

Start at $40

A fullbody piece in a more simplistic style. Can be anything from a simflified version of my regular semi-realism style, to a more kemono looking character.

Type C | Paintings

Prices starts at:
♢ Icon: $25
♢ Midbody: $50
♢ Fullbody: $100

Type D | Reference Sheets

Starting at $50

The basics include:

  • One fullbody (Front view if anthro or humanoid)

  • One headshot

  • Text and Palette

Additional Content:

  • Additional Fullbody: +$40 each (Anthro or feral)

  • Additional Headshot: +$15 each

  • Chibi: +$25

I can work with Second Life, VRChat, 3D models or text descriptions at no extra charge.

Type E | Custom Designs

Starting at $30

Character comes with a simple reference. The commissioner can provide moodboards, colour palettes, music, pictures, or videos as inspiration for the character to create. If no visual inspiration is provided the written description must understandable.
Can also be left to artistic freedom.

I can work with:

  • From text descriptions, with no pre-existing images of the character.

  • Complicated or intricate characters.

  • Non-furry/anthro characters, such as humans, humanoids, etc.

Type F | Symmetrical Headshots

$20-35 each

They are around 1000x1000 px with transparent background.
Perfect to use as profile dolls, profile picture or as profile avatars for sites like Toyhouse!

Type G | Niris

$15-20 each

They are around 500x500 px with transparent background. Can be done as pixels or as regular drawing.
Perfect to use as profile dolls, or use as tumbnails on Toyhouse.
Adding a name is optional

More examples

See something you like but is not listed? Feel free to contact me and we can discuss your idea!

Artcangel’s terms of service

By commissioning me you automatically agree to my T.O.S
I will not be responsible forfailure to read it.
These Terms of Service are relevant to NON-COMMERCIAL projects only and are subject to revisions, editing, and additions without notice


  • Don't edit my work without my permission

  • You must be +18 years old to be able to commission me

  • You can buy for others

  • I reserve the right to decline a commission without providing a reason

  • I have the right tod issue a refund for any reason without explanation. (See Refunds section for more details)

  • Failure to abide these terms may result in cancellation of your commission and/or permanent blacklisting

  • Displayed prices may change due to complexity and difficulty. Anything not covered here can be discussed.

  • If your wish for your commission to be private, please communicate it to me so it won't be posted.

Usage Policy

  • I have full copyrights to the work I make via commissions, and may use it to promote myself, use as portfolio pieces or post to my sites and social medias. (This does not mean I own the characters in said art, just the art itself; commissions\ed art will not be resold.)

  • Commissioned artwork is for non-commercial use ONLY and will not be resold for profit such as use in merchandise.

  • Reposting is allowed as long as it is not used for commercial use and the rightful credit is given.

  • Feel free to use your commission as an Icon, Banner, Background photo and such, no credit needed, but it's appreciated.

  • I am NOT nor will I ever be an NFT (None Fungible Token) artist nor do I permit my art (commissioned or not) to be sold as NFTs. Usage of my art for any advertising or profits associated with non fungible tokens (NFTs), or in relationship with the blockchain or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibited. If I discover a client using art commissioned from me as NFTs, I am allowed to reclaim/reuse the art without refund.

  • Above policy applies to A.I art. I do NOT allow my art to be used for AI art tools, including but not limited to: Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, Midjourney.

  • I don’t give out unwatermarked versions of my art. Please don't remove my watermark either. You can ask to have it moved or resized.


  • I require complete payment before start the commission. For bigger pieces half payment can be completed prior to the start of the commission and the remainign half after completion.

  • I mainly accept payment via Paypal and in USD.

  • Other forms of payment may be accepted in a case-by-case basis (E.g: In cash at a con)

  • I might charge extra for difficulty and amount of details.

  • Tips are not required, but highly appreciated.

  • I don't work with Cryptocurrency, bitcoin or non-fungible token (NFT)


  • Do not commission me if you can't afford it, be responsible.

  • If you face an emergency, you can ask for a full refund (I reserve the right to keep the unfinished commission). However, if you have lied about having an emergency you will be blacklisted

  • Refunds will be granted according to the status of your piece:

Not StartedSketchLineartColors & Shadows

Process, edits and adjustments

  • Your position in queue and the progress of your commission can be checked at any time in my Trello

  • Estimated turnaround times depends on the complexity of the piece and your position on the queue. For simpler pieces is about 1-7 days, bigger pieces may take a month or longer

  • You may ask for any change during the sketch stage at no extra cost, including having the sketch be completely redone

  • Edits after the lineart stage will have an extra cost

  • A work in progress (WIP) is provided once the piece is started. I require approval before continuing past the sketch phase. I will not continue to work on the artwork until you respond to the wip and approve it.

  • If you wish to approve your commission at each stage, please communicate this to me, so I can take note and reach out to you before proceding to the next stage.

Thank you

Last updated: 22Jan23

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